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So I had this idea…

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Upon hearing about BedStuy concept store, Sincerely, Tommy and meeting the owner, Kai Avent-deLeon, I knew I wanted her ‘Nomad story on ’N A Perfect World…. She was an intelligent, well travelled, black woman from Brooklyn — what’s there not to love. This also simultaneously was happening while I was meeting with a publishing house and close friend in the film industry about developing video content for you guys. Naturally, with Sincerely, Tommy being such an awesome space, Kai being so beautiful and rad, it was a perfect jumping point for the video series, ’N A Perfect World Hangs, where I bring you guys along as I explore different cultures and communities with a curated group of locals as my guides.

Exciting right?! Well, schedules couldn’t align, my awesome friend in the film industry seemingly was on a never ending Diplo music video set and I was so excited to shoot Kai that I went rogue. I got a skeleton crew together of beginners at this, just like me (my always inspiring friend, Naomi Bishop, her boyfriend Aaron Purkey and my superstar summer intern, Simone Carter). In typical Brooklyn form, our friend from wayyy back Warren happened to be in the neighborhood, saw Naomi in the window, and stopped in!
Definitely a fun learning experience and can’t wait to bring you more Hangs.

Check out the behind the scenes photos shot by Simone — there were so many awesome things in the store that I couldn’t include in the video. Like those dope fur slippers!

top, Vintage T-Shirt // bralet, T by Alexander Wang // skirt, Timo Weiland // shoes, Manolo Blahnik // armcuff, Anndra Neen

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