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Restaurant Review: Murphy’s West End Restaurant

Outside of Murphy's West End

Outside of Murphy’s West End

Here’s some dinner time inspiration for you guys. While in the land of jerk, I’d say without a doubt one of the best meals I had was not a jerk chicken, but a similar, but even more savory and spicy, Jamaican Devil’s chicken from a roadside restaurant, Murphy’s West End. The Jamaican Tourism Board promised us that we’d go off the beaten path and this small, expanded stand of a restaurant was the perfect place for lunch, offering a mouth-watering, even culinary decorative meal in a laid back no frills setting. Yes my tomato was crafted into the shape of a flower, but I was sipping Ting from the bottle while enjoying it!

The restaurant has been in the chef Murph’s family for generations and you can even see photos of a younger Murph with his father adorning the walls. Having worked in the kitchens of the major resorts in the area and training under both French and Italian chefs, Murph really just went to culinary school for the certifications, often finding himself teaching his classmates! The menu is simple; Murphy is able to do a variety of cuisine but choose to specialize in simple easy to cook meals that can be prepared during a lunch time rush and from his local, daily haul like chicken, fish and lobster — one of his divers actually catches lobster by the 100 lbs! His rice and peas are cooked with real grated and blended coconut that you can taste in every glorious mouthful. I shared the Devil’s Chicken and the Grilled lobster, both were great but the Devil’s Chicken, man…. I’m still having dreams about it. Slow cooked and spiced to perfection and the meat just fell off of the bone.

Make sure Murphy’s is on your itinerary on your next visit to Negril. Trust, you’ll thank me!

Murphy’s West End. A little after where West End Rd turns into Lighthouse Rd. +1 876 367 0475

Murph in the kitchen preparing our meal.

Murph in the kitchen preparing our meal.

Devil's Chicken

Devil’s Chicken

Grilled Lobster.

Grilled Lobster.

Rice & peas

Rice & peas.

These festivals are the perfect go-to when the spice from the Devil's Chicken hits ya!

These festivals are the perfect go-to when the spice from the Devil’s Chicken hits ya!

Rice & peas

Rice & peas

Us with Murph.

Us with Murph.

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