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Nneya drinking red drink with a straw Jamaican Sorrel

Perfect Recipe: Jamaican Sorrel

At my Uncle’s funeral in May, in addition to talking about his kindness and generosity, many people had a lot to say about his cooking. That’s the magic of food, breaking bread. It brings people together. It’s why most of my fondest memories of my travels are centers around meals. It’s also why I’m so close to my Jamaican heritage. I often wonder would I feel as Jamaican, being born here in NYC if my family didn’t eat Jamaican food? If I didn’t crave escovich fish, fish tea or curry goat? I’ve always been proud to share my Jamaican culinary heritage with others. I even shared my mom’s stuffed red snapper on here before. So as the days are getting hotter in NYC, I thought I’d share a drink that’s been cooling me down, Jamaican sorrel. Now, this isn’t my Uncle Wayne’s exact recipe — we certainly freestyle a lot in our family, but this will definitely get you started.  You definitely see this hibiscus drink a lot in the West Indies over the holidays, …

Cooking Lesson – Jamaican Feast Courtesy of Prospect Plantation

While in Negril and Montego Bay this August I took a cooking lesson at Prospect Plantation in Ochos Rios with Chef Adra Hillock. I can now say I know how to clean callaloo and jerk like a pro. Check out pictures and video from the day below as well as the recipes for you to prepare your own Jamaican feast at home – watch carefully for Chef Hillock’s little secret!

Big Up! Marlon James wins Booker Prize for A Brief History of Seven Killings

A Brief History of Seven Killings: Conspiracy theorists and lovers of all things Bob Marley, this is the book for you; it’s about the assassination attempt on Marley in the 1970s. From the very real Jamaican political party feuds to the CIA’s involvement in wars and violence in the West Indies and Latin American, there were points in the novel when I turned the pages furiously hungry to read more.

Sunday Dinners with my Heather: Jamaican Stuffed Red Snapper

It’s Sunday! As you wind down and prepare for the week ahead, if you’re anything like me, that involves a trip to the farmer’s market. Browse some delicious fresh goods and get inspired for Sunday dinner! Whenever I’m in town, without fail, I have dinner with my mom, Heather. Yes my home is New York, my roots run deep here. But one of the things I can always count on missing, no matter where I am in the world and how amazing of a time I’m having — or one of the people rather — is Heather. So home is wherever Heather’s kitchen is. In honour of this, I thought I’d share some of my favorite dishes of Heather’s to come home to in Sunday Dinners with Heather. #WestIndianGirlDiet 🙂 ** This is baking, not cooking; the measurements won’t be precise as they are family recipes. Season to your liking and with love. You’ll need: a whole red snapper 1/2 of a lemon kosher salt ground black pepper plum tomatoes 1/2 an onion scallion okras …