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Sunday Dinners with my Heather: Jamaican Stuffed Red Snapper


It’s Sunday! As you wind down and prepare for the week ahead, if you’re anything like me, that involves a trip to the farmer’s market. Browse some delicious fresh goods and get inspired for Sunday dinner! Whenever I’m in town, without fail, I have dinner with my mom, Heather. Yes my home is New York, my roots run deep here. But one of the things I can always count on missing, no matter where I am in the world and how amazing of a time I’m having — or one of the people rather — is Heather. So home is wherever Heather’s kitchen is. In honour of this, I thought I’d share some of my favorite dishes of Heather’s to come home to in Sunday Dinners with Heather. #WestIndianGirlDiet 🙂

** This is baking, not cooking; the measurements won’t be precise as they are family recipes. Season to your liking and with love.

You’ll need:
a whole red snapper
1/2 of a lemon
kosher salt
ground black pepper
plum tomatoes
1/2 an onion
sprig of thyme
Grace Fish & Meat Sauce
Excelsior crackers

stuffed red snapper, pre-bake.

stuffed red snapper, pre-bake.


– Scale and cut your red snapper, or have your fishmonger do it for you.
– Rinse the snapper with fresh lemon in cold water.
– Pat dry with paper towel.
– Rub the fish inside and out with a mixture of kosher salt and ground black paper. Keep it simple you don’t have to overpower it with spices.
– Chop up plum tomatoes, onion, scallion and okras.
– Strip the leaves of sprig of thyme and add them to the chopped up vegetables. This mixture is placed in the bowl containing the salt and pepper mix that you rubbed on the fish.
– Shake about three or four dashes of Grace Fish & Meat Sauce to enhance the flavour. Combine all of the ingredients.
– Stuff the fish from head to a full gut.
– Place the stuff fish onto foil paper and wrap it.
I love Excelsior crackers with this so I butter 4 or 5 crackers and place them buttered side along the length of the stuffed fish. The butter will serve as the cooking juice as the fish is roasting in the aluminum foil that you’ve wrapped the fish in.
– Don’t wrap the fish too tightly but be sure to secure the edges by folding two or three times. Secure the head, tail and length of the fish.
– Place in a baking foil pan for easy cleanup and to ensure no leaked juices spill into the oven.
– Bake for about 45 minutes at 375 or 400 degrees. You can check if done by opening the foil and piercing the fish.



Try it tonight, and let me know how it goes! And look out for more of my West Indian Girl Diet secrets!


  1. Bettie Wright says

    I am American my husband is Jamaican. I must try this. Thank you. God bless

    • 'N A Perfect World... says

      Wonderful! Tell me how it comes out!

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