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Embracing the Curl – Summer Hair


Probably dating back to I started posting photos online, I’ve gotten hair questions. I guess before that if you count friends and family. I’m always willing to share my hair “secrets.” #TeamNatural #TeamRelaxed #TeamWeave #TeamExtensions, I’ve been them all and as long as you’re doing you, I think you will always look your best.

Side note: I find a lot of the hair conversation in media directed towards black women incredibly divisive. “It should be spoken of like we speak of a beauty “look.” Not this end-all-be-all thing.” Tai Beauchamp said this to me a few months ago when we were discussing hair and it really stuck with me.
I whole-heartedly agree although don’t get me started on Rachel Dolezal’s hair story.

I’m thrilled that summer seems to have finally hit New York. Everyone looks their best with a healthy summer glow and whether it’s because you can’t be bothered due to the heat, or because you’re just having too much fun, beauty routines suddenly become effortless. Little celebrates that effortlessness more than summer hair. Embrace the waves, curls and kinks — who can keep up with flat ironing — or maybe get really wild and cut it off!

This summer I’m making an effort to straighten my hair less and with my late Spring travel schedule as intense as it was, I decided to get a low-maintenance braidless weave with True Indian Hair curly hair. I really wanted length for the ability to put my hair up and it was my first time going curly and close to my hair texture.

While I got the extensions put in before Italy, my first real test run in a humid climate was in Singapore. 90 degree days with heavy humidity — my hair was pretty big. It was frizzy, it was untamable and I loooved it. Everyday I put a touch of Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Argan Oil in and it was perfect — daily hot oil treatment as soon as I left my hotel room — no joke, my camera lens often fogged up. Kiehl’s Argan Oil is also my new travel essential for checked in luggage. Great for both hair and skin and who doesn’t love a two-for-one.

I twist my hair at night to keep the curly more manageable and lock in moisture. I also plait it in twists for long flights as the air airplane is so dry and seat back friction is a nightmare for the split ends of my real hair. With the braidless weave, all of my hair is actually out, so for those split ends and my edges I love Carol’s Daughters Minoi line.

From city to beach, so far this season, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. It’s manageable and most importantly, effortless. If there’s a chance to cliff dive, I’m going to do it, and I still want my hair game to be flawless for dancing that night. I’m actually thinking of a trip to the DR when I spent days surfing and nights dancing to bacchata. 🙂

What about you? Making any big hair changes for this summer?

Here are my picks for summer hair care maintenance and my days with big hair in Singapore!


with KF Seetoh at Gluttons Bay in Singapore.

with KF Seetoh at Gluttons Bay in Singapore.

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