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Fast Track: #FollowMeTo Couples Travel Inspiration

With over 3.5 million instagram followers between them, chances are you’ve heard of Russian instagram stars of the #followmeto campaign, and newly weds, Murad Osmann, @muradosmann and Natalia Zakharova, @yourleo.

Osmann’s photos take wanderlust to the next level, creating scenes with dreamlike opulence. Their signature: Natalia’s back to the camera, arm outstretched, leading Osmann into one beautiful paradise or another all over the globe. The campaign came about through a comical (and typical) couple’s vacation story. Osmann was busy taking photos and Zakharova, trying to hurry him along, arms stretched back said, “Follow me” and voilá, instagram magic was born. This couldn’t be me. I would crack from the pressure to maintain a perfect manicure. They have been travelling for over 5 years, have done spreads for magazines and in January, released a book as a compilation of these images! I’m definitely ordering one for my coffee table.

side bar: I already have the CFDA #Fashion Designers on Instagram book mixed in there with books from Arthur Elgort and Helmut Newton — if that’s not a cultural statement on how social media is changing the photography industry, I don’t know what is.

This week, they posted their wedding photos in true #followmeto form. What a dreamy location!

Here are my top ten #followmeto photos. What are your favorites? Do you recognize any of the locations?

Check out the behind the scenes on their instagram account @followmetraveller!

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