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Cooking Lesson – Jamaican Feast Courtesy of Prospect Plantation

While in Negril and Montego Bay this August I took a cooking lesson at Prospect Plantation in Ochos Rios with Chef Adra Hillock. I can now say I know how to clean callaloo and jerk like a pro. Check out pictures and video from the day below as well as the recipes for you to prepare your own Jamaican feast at home – watch carefully for Chef Hillock’s little secret!

Sunday Dinners with my Heather: Jamaican Stuffed Red Snapper

It’s Sunday! As you wind down and prepare for the week ahead, if you’re anything like me, that involves a trip to the farmer’s market. Browse some delicious fresh goods and get inspired for Sunday dinner! Whenever I’m in town, without fail, I have dinner with my mom, Heather. Yes my home is New York, my roots run deep here. But one of the things I can always count on missing, no matter where I am in the world and how amazing of a time I’m having — or one of the people rather — is Heather. So home is wherever Heather’s kitchen is. In honour of this, I thought I’d share some of my favorite dishes of Heather’s to come home to in Sunday Dinners with Heather. #WestIndianGirlDiet 🙂 ** This is baking, not cooking; the measurements won’t be precise as they are family recipes. Season to your liking and with love. You’ll need: a whole red snapper 1/2 of a lemon kosher salt ground black pepper plum tomatoes 1/2 an onion scallion okras …