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A little taste of Singapore in NYC

Recently, I wrote an article for Fathom Way to Go on my trip to Singapore — a foodie’s dream. I also wrote a food article for Du Jour on Singapore, interviewing food guru KF Seetoh. While writing my most recent article, my mouth was watering. I knew I needed to have Hainanese chicken, chili crab and Sin Huat’s crab bee yon in my life again. There were so many other dishes. Well I didn’t get Sin Huat’s but I was able to satiate my hunger for now….  Joined by two foodie girlfriends, Raquel and Katie, I ventured to Chinatown restaurant Nyonya, one of the few places in NYC specializing in Singaporean & Peranakan food. I guess that’s the amazing thing about living in NY huh. It being such a cultural melting pot, there’s usually someplace that can satisfy your cravings.

We knew we picked a winner when we walked in and most of the customers were older Asians. Nyonya is simple and delicious. But remember to bring cash as it’s cash only! The older woman at the table next to us looked quite impressed with our order so I knew that we did well. Unfortunately, what I really craved, a staple of Peranakan cuisine, Ayam Buak Keluak, our waiter informed me they didn’t make, as the nut is very difficult to come by in the US. I know Singaporeans use the shiok to describe the unadulterated pleasure as derived from food, but is there a word to describe the pangs of a meal you miss? Here’s a glimpse of some of the delicious bits that we shared. You should check out Nyona, immediately.

Nyonya – 199 Grand St. NYC 212-334-3669


Hainanese Chicken – we had it with a delicious coconut rice on the side


Crispy fried squid – definitely my favorite with a yummy sweet and savory sauce


We loved Nyonya’s take on the chili crab, the thing is, which I’ve always found with crab, except in Baltimore, they are so damn hard to eat. Really. So much work, so little meat is my take on the situation and who can bother.


    • It was delicious. I loved the coconut rice but I did miss the slow cooked chicken rice and was a bit confused when he asked what rice we wanted on the side! We figured the tastiest option of the bunch was definitely going to be the coconut!

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