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Wearable Art: My Pachamama Dress in Kauai, Hawaii


If you’ve been to my apartment you’ve seen the dress: a beautiful hand-embroidered dress that I bought in Sayulita, Mexico  about 5 years ago. Turning my dress into art and hanging it on the wall like a beautiful tapestry was inspired by the store I bought it from, Pachamama. As my regular readers know, Pachamama is one of my favorite stores in the world. No matter how many times I go to Sayulita, I can’t walk into Pachamama without buying something: bags, dresses, my pearl…. I met one of my close friends in Pachamama, Isis. It was Isis who sold me this dress many years ago for a birthday #treatyoself. These dresses were the Mignot sisters riff on beautiful designed, traditional Mexican wedding dresses. While I did buy it to wear, hanging it in my living room in NYC makes me feel like I have a piece of Sayulita here in NYC. I came across a The Coveteur story on my friends Phoebe and Annette, jewelry designers of the brand Anndra Neen, and they displayed their dress from Pachamama as art too!


While packing for a trip to the island of Kauai this week, I literally took the dress off my wall and added it to my suitcase to wear to the Hilton Garden Inn’s opening ceremony on the Garden Isle. My embroidery actually features birds and flora perfect for Kauai! I wore them with these Zara mules which in true form I kicked off as soon as I got down to the beach.




A variation of my dress is still sold at Pachamama but each one is unique, and that’s the best part. Now you can buy a dress almost exactly like mine from the label Santa Marguerite started in 2015 without the hefty price tag. I came across the brand via Instagram! It’s amazing to see the magic of Sayulita being exported worldwide, but I definitely prefer how I discovered my very own piece of wearable art. What about you? What are some of your favorite finds while traveling?




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