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A month of Talking Taste – June

It’s been a blast working with TasteTalks and interviewing tastemakers about food, music and what drives them to be awesome. I’ve already shared some of my interviews with people like Cynthia Rowley & Francesco Panella. I rounded out the month of June with 3 rad people that I wanted to share with you as well, opera director, Grethe Barrett Holby, marshmallow entrepreneur, Katherine Sprung, and restaurateur and hospitality guru, Eddy Buckingham. Check out the interviews below, these tastemakers are going to have you seeking out chocolate babka and leave you tickled fantasizing about a 100-degree day in Tuscany.

TasteTalks.com - 6.22.16 - Grethe Barrett Holby

TasteTalks.com - 6.29.16 - Katherine Sprung

TasteTalks.com - 6.30.16 - Eddy Buckingham

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