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Podcast: Never Date A Traveler – Athens


Never Date a Traveler is my new podcast exploring dating and romance while you’re traveling. As I said before, dating is always something I’ve wanted to cover here: my experiences, the ups, downs, passionate turns, foreign Tinder dates and even DMs. Of course, no names. So here’s the latest installment, listen below or directly on Soundcloud or iTunes!

As I sang the praises of last week’s nomad, for this week’s Never Date a Traveler podcast, I thought I should tell you about how we met. My version of the Notebook comes in a moleskin. Very rarely in “firsts” do you get both people’s sides of the story. Lucky for you guys Oscar and I kept a journal about our romance. There’s no better place for young love than Athens, Milan, Rome and Lake Como.
Fair warning, due to me forgetting a file on my external drive, this was recorded in JFK it a gate with travelers heading to Madrid… how appropriate — and loud.


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