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Catching Up with Designer, Min Wu

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Funny, whenever I’m there, that stereotypical dreary London weather is all blue skies and sunshine and this time was no different — one of the hottest days in 50 years! It didn’t last long, but who really goes to the UK for the weather anyway ;)! I go to catch up with some of my favorite people in the world and this trip was no exception: one of the people I caught up with is an exceptionally talented designer that I’ve blogged about before, Min Wu.

Min wasn’t showing during September’s SS17 London Fashion Week, a route that many designers, internationally, seem to be taking. Showing during fashion week is no small feat and does not necessarily guarantee the right press or sales. With the narrative of how brands communicate to the customers changing, especially driven by social media, young designers are finding innovative ways to display their new collections: take Wes Gordon’s SS17 video premiere on W magazine’s website. Despite not showing, Min not only had her Min Wu line but her contemporary 5 Min Wu line ready for market appointments (this season of 5 Min Wu is what athleisure dreams are made of) and I had the pleasure of checking them out.

There’s nothing Min and I love more than a 10-minute photoshoot — except maybe a cocktail. This time around, I trekked from Chelsea to Min’s studio in East London played a little dress up with her AW16 collection and even got a sneak peak at SS17. Check it out below and shop Min Wu.


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