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Goodbye to the Obamas Video

It’s a strange day to be an American, especially an American for which the globalization of the world is not only cool, but an integral part of our country. Isolationism has no place on the world stage right now. We see how dangerous that can be in the form of North Korea. In my opinion, it was a sad day in American history. A mistake that we can’t undo and seeing world history, it could get a lot worse before it gets better.

Today was a strange day woke up early and was prepping for some on camera work. After almost instinctively picking an all black outfit, I decided to talk the talk, be about everything I say — fashion’s power to uplift. I instead chose a “patriotic-inspired” red white and blue number… But don’t worry, no way was it as tacky as Kelly Conway’s “Trump Revolutionary Wear” outfit? How can one make Gucci look so tacky. Ma’am, that was a miss. No, this look was a little Brit inspired, and I must say, it did lift my mood, a bit.


So I watched the inauguration with some colleagues, came back to my neighborhood and while stress eating at a pizza parlor, The Beatles, Day in the Life, came on. It spoke to me, and I couldn’t get it out of my head, in fact, I couldn’t really get any other work done until I did something, created something. That song in my head, watching videos of the good old days… Here’s what I came up with. Hope you enjoy.


And that doesn’t end. This is just a little pit stop. This is not a period, this is a comma in the continuing story of building America. …. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. And I promise you I’ll be right there with you. All right? God bless you, thank you everybody. Yes we did! Yes we can! God bless America!

– Barack Obama #forever44


And again, a thank you to Michelle Obama for opening up the White House to us the American people.

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