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10 of the Most Romantic Places

Valentine’s day is coming up and that definitely has me inspired. There are some places in the world that put you in a perpetual state of amour, like Paris, the city of love. These are the places that just effuse love as you’re walking down the street, leaves you starry-eyed and elated. Here are 10 of the most romantic places in the world; pack your bags!


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Tunnel of Love, Ukraine. Located near the town of Kleven this train “tunnel” is a brilliant leafy green and truly a site to behold. Almost 2 miles long, the tunnel was made naturally as mother nature grew and the passing train molded the tree line. A popular spot for lovers, it is said that if you and your love make a wish and are sincerely in love, the wish will come true.


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Japan. From bonsai trees, to cherry blossoms to wisteria, the Japanese definitely know their horticulture making Japan one of the most fragrant and romantic places in the world if you go at the right time of year. There’s nothing like taking a romantic stroll with your love in the spring time with cherry blossoms in bloom in Kyoto or under the canopy of bold purple wisteria in Kitakyushu.


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Vieques, Puerto Rico. You know the famous, “Kiss the Girl” scene in The Little Mermaid where Prince Eric and Ariel are on a little rowboat and the water around them is literally glowing and alive with Ariel’s fish friends? Well, how about if I told you that you could definitely recreate that scene in Mosquito Bay off of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Millions of glowing microscopic organisms light up the water and scatter with every moment you make. It’s truly magical.


photo c’est moi! See more on Kaua’i.

Kaua’i, Hawaii. The most underdeveloped inhabited Hawaiian island. Kaua’i is often thought of as Hawaiian’s favorite islands. Backdrop to movies such as Jurassic Park and The Descendants, the inspiration of Avatar, Kauai is like the garden of Eden.


photo courtesy of Visit Positano

Positano, Italy. Meandering through charming streets with a glass of wine, or maybe it’s the way the lights from the villas illuminate the cliffs of the Almafi Coast at night, or the brilliant blue of the Adriatic, Positano is definitely for lovers.


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Bruges, Belgium. Picturesque with cobblestone streets and medieval buildings dating back to the 14th century, the Belgian city of Bruges is straight out of a fairytale. Take a beautiful stroll through the narrow alleyways and pass over the Minnewater Bridge and the Lake of Love. Legend has it that the lake was named after the legend of star-crossed lovers Mina and Stromberg. Mina was forced by her husband to marry another man while her true love Stromberg was off at battle. Distraught, Mina ran off into the woods and died of exhaustion. Stromberg then honored her by building a dam to hold back the stream, burying her and then letting the water flow over her grave. Now isn’t that sweet?



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Ladera, St. Lucia. There are 32 suites in this hotel and all of them have only 3 walls so you can take full advantage of the beautiful views of St. Lucia’s famous Pitons. It’s not the the beautiful views and privacy that makes this property the peak of romantic, there’s a “romance concierge” on staff that schedules things like “massage your mate” spa treatments and aphrodisiac cocktail making classes!


photo c’est moi! More on Rockhouse.

Rockhouse, Negril. Another beautiful place in the Caribbean where romance is all but guaranteed? Negril’s Rockhouse overlooking Dolphin’s cove. The suites built into the cliffs make for a spectacular site that you might have come across in photos of the region. Take in the sunrise with a lovely skinny dip dive off of your private cliff.


photo courtesy of Buenos Aires tourism

Buenos Aires, Argentina. With roots in Uruguay, Cuba and Africa, Buenos Aires, Argentina is unarguably the home of the tango, the Dance of Love. Any city that produces a dance with this much passion is sure to kick start your love life.


photo c’est moi. More on Paris.

Paris. You can’t make a romantic place in the world list without including Paris. After all, it is the City of Love. Traditions of love just spring up there! Like the dearly departed love bridge. Maybe it’s the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower at night, or the rosy hue of the city after a glass of wine, but Paris is undeniably a place for lovers.


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  2. Rockhouse is among my top 5 listed picks for a romantic rendezvous in Jamaica 🙂 Hopefully I can see the rest of the places listed here in the future.

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