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Meet Me: Women’s Travel Fest!


I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at Women’s Travel Fest next week in New Orleans! You have less than a week to get your tickets so get after it! Women’s Travel Fest is a 3-day event that empowers, inspires and connect women in travel. For me, it’s the ultimate networking opportunity for likeminded women and a brilliant platform to share my stories, trials and tribulations working in this industry. (Hint: it’s not all glam and here’s where you’ll become privy to the business of travel).

I’ll be taking Never Date a Traveler on the stage and speaking about love, dating and romance while traveling in Travel + Your Love Life with Mickaela Mallozzi of PBS’s Bare Feet with Mickaela Mallozzi at 4:15pm on Saturday March 4th. On Sunday March 5th at 10am I’ll also be chatting with Women’s Travel Fest founder on what it means to be traveling as an American woman today. For me, that obviously includes as a black American woman today. Excitedly, I chatted with my friend Olivia about meeting up in New Orleans — she’s there on a press trip. Likeminded and from the Northeast, she told me I’ll see lots of “it” in LA. Since the election, I’ve been in the very liberal bubble of the Northeast, traveling only to Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. To be honest, I never had much of a desire to visit the American south in the “good days.” I’ve been to Nashville, Atlanta, the bigger cities and definitely saw the racial disparities there. I never thought of going to Alabama or Mississippi. I’d say the closest was the Ouachita Mountain area of Arkansas and that’s because of legends of mysticism there due to the high concentration of quartz and other gemstones (learned that from a very cool dude in Nashville). Due to several books I read, I knew panhandle Florida was a place that was not on my bucket list. As a person of color, these areas represented almost the Wild West. I’m not calling the people provincial as the systematic racism can happen anywhere. But down those country backroads… I don’t want to disappear.

Well here’s my first foray into the South post election and in the words of Bruce Willis in Die Hard




So just to recap, here’s a rundown of why you should get your tickets, NOW:

Why Attend the Women’s Travel Fest?

Here are 5 solid reasons why this is the event of the year for women who love to travel.

  1. Make Great Connections: Attend our event and you’ll make friends from around the world. To date, our attendees represent over 20 countries. You’ll meet intrepid women to travel with, network with, and become great friends with.
  2. Get Inspired: Hear from our incredible lineup of speakers– it’s what we’re known for!
  3. Learn Travel Tricks: Learn what you need to plan your next adventure, or find support and resources from our incredible community of women who have been there.
  4. Have FUN: The Women’s Travel Fest is a great experience. We always have fun at our pre-party and afterparty, which are both great places to network in a more casual setting. By the stories and voices of the women on stage and the women around you.
  5. WIN Free Trips: Our sponsors always offer incredible giveaways at the event. But you’ve got to be there to win! Our goodie bags are also a hit– they’re always full of great swag by our favorite companies.
  6. Get Excited: By the stories you’ve heard, the connections you made, and the trips you’re about to take. The world is yours, lady!

Your Ticket Also Gets You:

Free lunch
Free open bar after party
Free awesome swag bag
Access to giveaways!

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