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New Video: A Day in Havana!

I’m prepping for an upcoming week long trip where I’ll be road tripping through Cuba with 3 friends. I’m curious to see how Cuba has changed in the last 2 years with the onslaught of tourism and the death of Castro. Naturally I’ve been gathering information about where we should go, what we should do — kind of. Besides having a few things booked, I’m excited to play it by ear and see what we come up with. Where the days (and nights) take us. Reminiscing about my last trip to Cuba in 2015 with my mom, the unexpected was always my favorite part. I must say, I yawned through most of the touristy sites in Havana (an old Ford is an old Ford is an old Ford, and that decaying building that looks cool in photos actually has people living in it and it’s pretty dangerous and sucky for them), but I perked up when I got to really hang out with Cubans, see things from their perspective, have those conversations during which I felt simply weird bringing out my camera. I relished taking the taxis that regular Cubans take, and rolled by eyes at being ripped off by the shiny new ones. I enjoyed seeing the sites at the ration markets and the back alleys of Cuba where our guide Julio took us. That’s where he was from and tourists simply didn’t go there — it wasn’t dangerous, it was just there was no reason for them to go to. I’m excited to share my memories of Havana with you in anticipation for this trip (I even am being responsible and scheduling some posts) and here’s a little video of a day in Havana!

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and shooting at a classic hotel, the Habana Riviera.


Have you been to Trinidad, Cienfuegos or anywhere outside of Havana? Have any tips for me?

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