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Last night, I went to a great event celebrating the launch of, a new travel platform for women of color. Listening to the women on the panel with one of my favorite travel companions, Jennifer, and seeing all of those beautiful brown women in the room passionate about travel and a multi-cultural experience totally warmed my heart. It was so, ‘N A Perfect World. Last summer, I biked to Pineapple St media to record some podcasts and guides for an upcoming project with Aminatou Sou called, On She Goes. I had been a big fan of her podcast Call Your Girlfriend so I jumped at the chance to do a reoccurring guest spot on this new project for traveling women of color. At the time I had no clue that advertising mega-force Weiden+Kennedy were behind the project. To be honest it’s still a bit magical to me that a big advertising agency would put so much push behind a project like this. It shouldn’t be that wild, but I’m a realist. I know what kind of America we’re living in and this is pretty spectacular. Maybe that’s the idea behind On She Goes’s motto, #WeBelongHere. I’ll say it again, traveling as an American woman of color, I see myself as a cultural ambassador. I proudly pave those travel roads for my sisters. I welcome the question “how do they react to people of color there?”

I did the podcast and wrote a few city guides for the site on places like Lisbon, Miami and Kauai, Hawaii.


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I’m so proud to be apart of this, the podcast (which I can’t stop listening to) and the platform as a whole: the first few days of launch I had about 10 tabs open at a time reading the articles.

Check it out and there’ll be more to come!

#WatchThisSpace. - 5.15.17 - Travel Guide to Lisbon


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