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Traveling As An American Woman Today Women’s Travel Fest Talk

This past Spring, I had the honor of speaking at Women’s Travel Fest about traveling as an American woman today. I wanted the discussion to run the gamut from safety, to perks, stereotypes and most importantly, our role as American women as travel ambassadors of the United States.

This was in March, right after the election. Emotions were raw. It seemed like everyday a new policy like the “Muslim ban” was being rolled out of the White House. Even watching this video was great for me to look back and reflect. Watch / listen to my talk at Women’s Travel Fest on traveling as an American woman today.

It’s a but long, but well worth it. I made it into a podcast for you as well in case you don’t want to see my shining face (but how COULD you not?!). So listen to it on iTunes or SoundCloud if you’d prefer (and if you are listening on iTunes, like and review)!




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