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New On She Goes Podcast Up: Bordeaux!

Nneya Richards in Lynch-Bages .JPG

strolling through the gorgeous town of Lynch-Bages in the Bordeaux region

I have been a podcast fanatic in the last few months. Working with Pineapple Street media definitely whetted my appetite and I am happily consuming at least a podcast a day while I work. From political news casts to Real Housewives commentary, I listen to it all. Needless to say, I was thrilled when my “updates” notification sent me a ping that the latest On She Goes podcast was up! On my last post, for the launch, the travel site for women of color released the first four episodes at once which featured my segments on quick guides to Lisbon, Kauai, Miami, and Nashville. I’m so excited that my most recent guest segment on Bordeaux is now up while I’m in Europe. It’s a pretty great episode on “boo loving and romance” while traveling and I share a little tidbit about my perfect date while in Bordeaux with UniWorld on the 18:15 mark. So listen up and enjoy on Soundcloud, iTunes or wherever you get ear delights!

Episode 6: Boo-Loving & Romance While Traveling


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