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My Time At a Yemeni Refugee Camp x Popsugar Homepage - 11.9.17 - Yemeni Refugee Camp

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should 😊 @Nneya) you might recall that earlier this Fall, I took a trip with Norwegian airlines covering their ongoing partnership with UNICEF. We filled the cargo hull of a 787-Dreamliner with over 28 tons of humanitarian aid headed for Yemen. As much of Yemen is a war zone, we couldn’t go on the ground there but had the opportunity to visit the largest refugee camp catering to the Yemeni crisis, Markazi, in Obock, Djibouti. The supplies went on after us to Yemeni delivering essential medications, water purification tablets, and community kits. This week, the UN’s humanitarian chief released a chilling warning that if the Saudi blockade on Yemen continues, the nation could face the worst famine that the world has seen in decades. I was so thrilled when my friend / editor at Popsugar, Hilary gave me the opportunity to share a bit of my experience at the Markazi refugee camp with their readers. It was such a privilege to be on the Popsugar homepage sharing such an incredible experience. Check it out here:

NAPW Quote for Popsugar post

Let me know your thoughts below! Have you ever been to a refugee camp? What are your thoughts on the worldwide (Syria, Myanmar, Yemen, etc) refugee crisis? Have you ever felt mentally exhausted with the news cycle?

With little girl at Markazi by Nneya Richards


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