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New Year, New Travel List: #FlyNorwegian

in JFK Norwegian premium lounge by Michele Scaglione

Now that I’ve suggested some places that should definitely be on your travel list for 2019, let me share with you my secret about how I can get there. Yes, my job has a lot of perks, but being in a long distance relationship (and excited to travel every opportunity I get), I find myself racking up a lot of not comped airtime. My airline of choice for the last few years has definitely been Norwegian. My first flight with them was the summer of 2016 flying one of their first dreamliner trips from New York to Paris. Norwegian was new to me at the time, but as soon as I walked into the plane’s premium section, I was hooked. Super comfortable seats, great service and that new fresh feeling that you want your airplanes to have. Honestly Norwegian’s affordability at premium quality made my long distance relationship with Michele so much easier and doable, a reliable service from JFK to Gatwick for under $500 was heaven sent to us! 

Our latest Norwegian long haul trip was together, from NYC JFK to Bangkok, Thailand BKK. In total, the trip is about 17-hours of flight time, but really, it was the easiest 17 hours of flight. Why? It’s science!

I’ve got my snuggly Scaglione cashmere sweater for this long haul and a good movie!

Norwegian’s Dreamliner’s air control system and ambient lighting allows you to have a restful flight and reduces jet lag! I usually sleep before airplanes take off — jealous?! —  but even Michele was snoozing. This made all the difference as we landed in Thailand early AM and were able to hit the ground running and sightsee right away! The seats are also super comfortable with a very far recline in premium so you’re practically on a bed.

Another great thing about Norwegian premium on a long haul trip to Thailand is the lounge access. You’re well fed in premium but I love checking out a lounge spread, relaxing with wiFi and getting those last minute emails in before I check out for a day. 

Let’s talk about the food. Fresh salmon, DRAGON FRUIT, PAPAYA, A PRAWN SALAD. Yes, I’m screaming. It was amazing. Michele loved the pretzel bread. Water and juice before you take off in premium. We were really stuffed. Commercial airline food that’s pretty enough for a blogger flat lay is almost unheard of, and it tastes delicious. You can also order snacks and drinks to your seat.

All of this, plus seeing the good that Norwegian does with UNICEF makes me feel great singing Norwegian’s praises and spending my money with them! In fact, taking my mom to Martinique at the end of the month for her birthday with a great deal I found during Norwegian’s Black Friday Sale. There’s a New Year sale happening right now with flights as low as $59 one way… I’m eyeing their Rome to Tel Aviv route! Get on it and see the world in 2019!

#FlyNorwegian. Where are you heading next?

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** Since the time of my writing, the Norwegian flight experience has only gotten better! Isn’t it nice to see an airline trying to improve the customer experience instead of sitting on their laurels? Starting today, January 8, 2019 Norwegian customers flying between Europe, USA, South America and Asia will be able to stay connected in the skies with the rollout of free and premium high-speed Wi-Fi on the carrier’s Boeing 787-9, Dreamliner and 737 MAX. Nice!


  1. ErinS says

    Norwegian is one of my favorite airlines, but I’ve only flown them in economy. I need the pull the trigger on a premium flight!! I started flying them in 2016 too; first flight was JFK-Copenhagen.

    • 'N A Perfect World... says

      It’s such a great airline! I really love flying them premium. It’s sooo comfortable for long haul flights!

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