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The London Look with Lash Perfect Lash Bar

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“Get the London look.”

I don’t know how many tubes of Rimmel I’ve bought trying to emulate Kate’s or Gigi’s lashes.

I’ve been in London for some time now and having worked for Topshop, I thought I had the London look pretty down. Granted there are the clear differences in style between East and West Londoners: as my friend Stuart says, I have more of a West London girl shoe style, but I truly do love it all. Many of my favorite beauty bloggers are based in London and on the tube everyday I see beautiful women of international backgrounds, Londoners, wearing their make up loudly and proudly.

At the end of the day, if I’m being honest with myself, 20 minutes daily doing make up is never going to be me. I love to sleep, cuddle and nuzzle into his t-shirts. So I’ve always like the keep things basic. Maybe a stay-in-place foundation to even things out if I’m feeling particularly blah, but really mascara (for both my lashes and brows are my essentials). Always wanting to save time I’ve been looking into eyelash extensions for maybe 2 years now. Fearing another costly beauty addiction, them pulling out my own natural lashes etc. But here in London it seems EVERYONE is getting their snuffalufagus on. So, with a helpful consultation from Krista at Lash Perfect Lash Bar in Soho, London, I decided to give it a try.

My eyelashes are naturally pretty curly, so I just wanted that, plus. I didn’t want glam lashes (yet). I wanted that mascara look without the time.

In the consultation, I found out that I have long eyelids. Like that winged effect you create with eyeliner? My eyes naturally crease like that! Pretty awesome, but in terms of application duration, eyelash extensions can take a mighty long time for me.
Which is great because I PASSED OUT. This is a great time to just chill. Tucked in a cute little ways off of Oxford street Lash Perfect is the best way to go from 100 to 0 and just BREATHE. Secret? I snored.

What I got:

Half Set, in sizes 9, 10 and 11. They write it all for you on this awesome card so you don’t have to remember when you come back.



Lash Perfect Lash Bar

9 Warwick St, Soho, London W1B 5LY // 020 7434 4554

Have you tried lash extensions? Let me know below!

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