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#BlackGirlBoss – The Lash Loft

So I have a problem in Italy. At first I thought it was me, and being in Bergamo. I couldn’t find a proper place to do my nails, with gel manicures starting at 40 euros. Then when I thought of the idea of getting my hair done there, I recalled studying abroad and getting hair chemical burns. And well… I never walked down the street and saw an Italian woman with truly fly hair! It must be something I’m missing, this country is world renowned for style, surely that translates into beauty as well. A dinner with friend and beauty YouTuber based in Italy, Tia Taylor confirmed it for me. Nope, it’s not me. Italians are super behind in trends and techniques when it comes to beauty, especially hair and nails. So services I took for granted in NYC and London seem like Godsends to me now. One of these services is getting my lashes done. I got them done for the first time in London, but once I found the Lash Loft, in my old neighborhood of Gramercy in NYC, I truly upped my lash game and became a lash aficionado. I’m still open to finding a place in Milan but SandyLee at the Lash Loft set the bar supremely high. For better or worse (lash health and my pocket) I can’t get my lashes done month, more often being every 2-3 months because I don’t really trust anyone to touch my lashes anymore.

You know when a beauty practice, or fashion trend becomes so common place that you start to see bad knock offs. Like bad butt lifts? Well we definitely are beyond that point with eye lashes. Call me bougie but I DONT want my nail salon doing my lashes on the eye brow waxing chair in the back room!

And when I found out a woman of color, an island girl no less, was owner of this premium lash spa, Shellyann Bainlardi, my fondness for it grew further! I enjoy my the Lash Loft appointments because SandyLee and I talk about everything from celebrity eye shapes and the lash styles they use to how she caters to clients that wear glasses and of course, making my lash extensions tailored to me and how I sleep, travel and the wear and tear.

Here’s a little video I made originally for my IGTV highlighting a typical the Lash Loft appointment for me and why the Lash Loft sets the bar high for a lash consultation and services — it’s no wonder their clientele includes Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, bloggers, actresses, people whose livelihoods depend on their face. And then there’s ragamuffin me, who just wants to look camera ready whether getting off of a 16 hour flight or grabbing a pizza in Brooklyn or the Amalfi Coast.

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