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New Year, New World (ok same same but different)


looking back at it 😉

Happy New Year to you all. I’m so grateful for all of you ‘N A Perfect World readers: your comments, DMs, emails and even chance encounters motivate me to keep doing what I love and what I believe in. 2017 was a year of new ventures, new opportunities, new communities and I plan to keep the ball rolling for 2018. I started more public speaking in 2017, speaking at Women’s Travel Fest and the Travel Blogger Summit and it affirmed what I already knew — you guys are my light and energy. Preaching the gospel of women traveling solo, especially women of color traveling solo and the incredible diaspora that we represent has been enlightening to me in what was a TRYING year in the USA. Podcasting for a top WOC platform, visiting a Yemeni refugee camp with Norwegian, sojourning in Paris and London — this has been a YEAR. As usual, I don’t have nearly enough time for the content I want to share with you, but I do resolve to get better about that in the New Year. 2017 seemed to be a year of teeing up. The first moon of the new year was a supermoon… I mean come ON!

New Year - Nneya Richards.png


And this is how I spent New Years Eve… with much loved old friends. The first time in at least 5 years, maybe more that I’ve spent NYE in NYC. Safe to say I rung it in right.


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  1. The Supermoon was big, bold and low over the water at 6:45 am central Cali coast time on the 1st. The Pacific was calm and cool and waiting… The new year is here and already I’ve come along and found a gem. I’m going to enjoy every word, phrase, comment, picture, lust for life you have for us. And I will find a way to get you here to amaze those I teach. And maybe even me. Get ready. – KC

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