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Norwegian’s New Flavour

I’m working on an op-ed for a big site having to do with study abroad and what can be done to further include people of color in the travel industry via brands, marketing etc. Usually on a press trip I’m the only person of color. The few times I’m not, it’s an extremely diverse crew that usually reflects an awareness on the part of the PR and branding team. Often, when you see big brands influencer trips, there is usually one person of colour and I can name the women they are most likely to be on one hand. I am always thrilled to see them, but on a trip of, say 10, there will usually be just one. I can’t wait until you see me upcoming pub articles on my recent trip to Finland. I definitely came out of my comfort zone in a place that I didn’t really think of going before. Another wildly refreshing thing about this trip? All of the attendees and press person were people of color. Going to the Artic circle. Cutting up, getting in the mix, hell, even wearing gear that’s not usually marketed to us. We had so much fun, thrived, and it was such a unique bonding experience.

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Sure I get frustrated with things like delays, fees etc but as I mentioned in my article for Popsugar about messaging coming from higher up, this is an airline that seemingly hires a corporate team that works with purpose and thinks outside the box, with a new flava if you will. Here’s a video put together and edited by amazing Ashley Nguyen (half of Go Yoko Coco this girl is truly on fire). Trust, her ability to direct, shoot and edit (super speedy too) is a thing of wonders. Just a tip of the iceberg to convey the fun I had on this trip.

Thanks Norwegian Airlines and Kakslauttanen Artic Resort!

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Ashley Nguyen & Brittnie Nicole of Go YokoCoco

DéVon Johnson of Bleu Magazine

Rachel Hill of

Réal Hamilton-Romeo

Annika Harris

Daniel Watson of Livid Magazine


and me!

Here’s a little preview of it… check it the full video on INSTAGRAM!


And of course, Rest In Peace Craig Mack.

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