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New Feature on Forbes.com! Best Trips & Tips for Solo Female Travel!

Forbes’ Women vertical is all about helping women take the next step forward in business and in life. That is a goal / direction I can easily get behind. Starting this blog, I hoped to inspire more Americans to be passport holders because I truly believe that we are all global ambassadors and bridging these gaps will inspire change. In particular, I want women of color to take that next step forward and cast aside any trepidations they might have about traveling. Yes, as I mention to Forbes, we have to navigate our space in a tourism industry that primarily and historically caters to white men, but #blackgirlmagic touches on our mettle when facing obstacles, so go out and see the world!

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There are so many great tips that my fellow female travelers shared that I want to impart to you like “Talk! Talk to everyone, everyone, everyone. The more people who are familiar with you and who recognize you, the better. So, I talk to everyone in my hotel, everyone in my hostel, everyone on the bus next to me. For me, it’s about staying safe, and the best way to do that is to connect with other people who are looking out for you.” From Kelly Lewis, founder of Go Girl Guides.

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Read our tips and let me know what you think! My travel spirit sister and I, Alyssa Ramos of My Life’s a Movie, both chose locales in Mexico. So build a wall. You might find us on the other side….


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