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Hello 2019!

This year has truly flown by. It was a year of steady professional highs that I didn’t take time to enjoy. I remember admitting to Michele sometime this year that I find it a bit overwhelming when I receive a professional accolade, or accomplish something because my almost immediate thought is “what’s next… alright so now, I have to do this, this and this while I’m still fire….” I’m still trying to make that travel tv show happen though, so a lot of my self-congratulation has been clouded with “I still don’t have that so… NBD.”

Looking back at the last few years, both professionally and personally, I’ve realized my capacity to will things into being. I wanted to forge my own way in fashion, and I willed myself right to the White House. I wanted to travel write? I started this blog and willed myself right onto being featured by Forbes 3 times in 2018. I even remember going to an iMovie course at the Apple store 2 years ago because, I want to have video travel content but I thought, I don’t have a camera crew so there’s no way I can do that. I’m not winning an Oscar for film editing, but I’m on my way to making things happen. I wanted a change from NYC, I made a life in London for the last year and 1/2 and even found love.

It zipped by. And as I’m finally taking a moment for overall self-reflection. 2018 was a great year. I visited and truly connected with places that have been on my bucket list since I was a child: South Africa, Morocco, India, Thailand, the Artic circle were the big ones. I am truly blessed. The relationships that I’ve invested the most in have flourished like the gardens of my wildest dreams. So moving into 2019, I’m going to LOVE MORE. I’ve let go of some things and people in 2018 and made room for my cup to runneth over with love and abundance. Now… next step is to do that with my wardrobe. I want to consume less — really I love my fashuns but I feel like I’m drowning in clothes and could go the quality vs. quantity route. Splitting my time between two continents really showed me wardrobe wise, less is definitely more. *If you have any particular clothing donation drives that you feel very strongly about, let me know. I’d love to donate boxes of great items.

2018 also seemed to be the year of queueing things up for the rest of my life. So what’s next? Well so far… Milan. What?! I’m still processing it myself. My best friend Carolyn cheered me on and reminded me that I’ve wanted to do this since 2006. Of course, I’m scared as hell. It’s not the right time. But, when will it ever be. It’s for the right person.

I’m thankful for this blog, and you my readers that keep me going. I want to pay this gratitude forward by always having fresh content for you. Sometimes it feels like I’m firing on all cylinders. So many things I want to do, so many things I want to write. Things get lost, I feel overwhelmed. But I’m going to tell more stories.

I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.

Thanks for going on this ride with me.

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