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25 Girlfriend Getaways for Popsugar.com

How’s your 2019 going?

While you’re prioritizing self-care, time with your loved ones should be high on your list. I know, for me, there’s nothing like a girl’s night with my crew. Spicy margaritas, lots of wine, lots of laughs, advice, lots of shade. It’s such a cathartic experience. And when you get a whole vacation of it? Now that’s a treat!

That’s why I have compiled the ultimate list — 25, a whole TWENTY-FIVE getaways for you and your crew for Popsugar.com. Check it out now!

*Also for my readers overseas, I’m not sure why but Popsugar.co.uk does NOT show all 25 places on the list — they show only 8 and a random selection. If you have a VPN you can check out the article, in it’s entirety, as it’s meant to be seen on Popsugar.com. I hope you can, I worked pretty hard on this list for you guys and it’s frustrating that everything isn’t available for my international audience. Maybe, at a later date, when it’s been on Popsugar.com for quite some time I’ll repurpose the list here. In the meantime here are the places I listed and you’ll find out WHY on Popsugar.com 

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