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Perfect Stay Alsisar Haveli – Jaipur, India

India’s famed Pink City, Jaipur is as chaotic as it is beautiful. A feast and a work out of all five senses, exploring the city’s sites and navigating its traffic filled streets can be taxing. The oasis of hotel Alsisar Haveli was always a welcome treat when Michele and I returned from sight seeing. A stark contrast to the beautiful chaos right outside of its walls, this haveli is magical.  Birds chirping, the smell of jasmine in the air, the sun dancing through stained glass windows and reflecting off of jeweled mirrors. Alsisar Haveli beckons you to explore its property. But a gentle, passive exploration. Relaxing and refreshing. 

A beautiful representation of Rajput Indian architecture from the country’s legendary regal maharaja days in the wealthy city of Jaipur your stay at Alsisar Haveli gives you a glimpse into the luxury that is Jaipur.

The property was built in 1892 as a nobleman’s townhouse and is run by the descendants of the Maharaja Udaikaran of Amer and his Kachawa clan — they’ve refurbished many of their family’s old mansions (havelis) and palaces into a beautiful collection of heritage, luxury hotels.

A great night’s sleep in a four poster bed.

You want your hotel to be your home away from home when you travel. I’m privileged to be able to stay at lust-inspiring hotels that give me ultimate home decor vibes. I hope my travels inform my future home’s design aesthetic. Block prints of Rajput motifs cover the colorful walls and Mughal era architecture. Beautiful etch work, porticoes and archways pepper the halls and each of the 45-roooms is decorated uniquely. The colors of Alsisar Haveli are absolutely dazzling.

The property also has a restaurant and bar. Breakfast is served daily with both Western and delicious Rajput cuisine. Our stay at Alsisar Haveli was all too short but it’s definitely on our list for our next trip to Jaipur.


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