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Kakslauttanen Artic Resort Photo Diary

Jordan Peele, Kakslauttanen Artic Resort and Norwegian partnered for a new movie, it’s about 7 people of color, lost in the Arctic Circle, the survival skills they develop and the transformation into a new super race. They go their separate ways after the trip and are planted in different areas of the globe as sleeper agents, waiting for the day….

KIDDING! Well kind of. Diversity is a trending word right now, especially in terms of corporate social responsibility. As consumers, we have a choice as to where and how we spend our money — travel should be no different. It’s not enough for a company to release a PR statement on how much they love all types of people, but look into who is making the decision making process. I’ve spoken on why I love partnering with Norwegian before from their great deals to their philanthropic partnerships, but this trip to Finland, and Kakslauttanen Artic Resort in particular sealed my love affair with the airline. In what was among the most outside the box thinking that I’ve seen from corporate PRs when organizing a press trip, Norwegian decided to gather editors, writers and influencers of color for this trip up North to familiarize us with their flight itinerary to the Laplands and Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. Reindeer sleighing, Santa’s home, dog sledding, icefishing, snow-mobiling, Finnish spas and chasing the Northern Lights. We definitely turned this region of the Artic into a vibrant inkwell.

I can’t remember if I tried reindeer… I’m editing a video for you guys and you’ll find out there. But in the meantime check out my photo diary of my trip to Kakslauttanen Artic Resort with Norwegian.


We went in April, and it was cold. Hey, it’s the Artic, however it became a running joke because when you asked a staff member, they were pumped about the warm weather, sunshine and the arrival of Spring. One of the days we were sledding through a blizzard…. Haha they’re just built differently. Like the huskies, some of our guides were genuinely sweating as they lead us through the resort, meanwhile I couldn’t feel my fingers. April’s a great time to go; the arrival of spring means longer hours of daylight. Don’t go too late in the month or you can miss the Northern Lights, but it’s just late enough in the season that you can comfortably stay out chasing them and partake in fun winter activities.


Kakslauttanen is renowned for being the first to create the glass igloo concept. It’s actually genius. Up in the Artic Circle you can get 8 months of the Aurora Borealis but after 3 nights of being out hoping to see the Northern Lights, unfortunately we missed it due to weather conditions. In the middle of the night, while we were sleeping in the insulated igloo room, my eyes fluttered and I looked up and saw a brilliant green in the sky. “That’s it!” I told my cabin-mate Niki, the experience was almost otherworldly made even better by the fact that it came to me almost as in a dream. I didn’t get a great pic of the phenomenon but my girls GoYokoCoco did. Otherwise, the igloo cabins are also just a great place to wake up. Seeing the snow covering the trees while you’re snug in this wooden cabin is ultimate hygge. There’s even a mini sauna in the bathroom and I’d say the cabin comfortably sleeps about 4-6!

First time driving a snowmobile? Check! It was so fun and such a fun rush gliding through the woods for the snowmobile safari.


You could hear the playful howls of the huskies from miles away as we approached their kennels for husky safaris. I’ve always been a husky fan so it was incredible seeing these beautiful dogs in their element (see photos above). Again, my fingers were frozen as these pups dove in piles of snow because they were hot! The experience definitely furthered my love for huskies… but made me rethink the idea of having them in the city, seems kind of cruel now!

We also partook in a reindeer safari! Be careful, these mofos can kick up some snow. They didn’t fly though. Maybe that trick is reserved for Santa?


This was a personal favorite of mine and I was the only one to catch a fish that day and apparently one of the firsts of the season. Our guide Aunti actually asked to see my bait because I had the secret. To tell you the truth, when I caught my fish, my camera was glitching and I was complaining and distracted. It was a little shocking to realize what the tug meant. We grilled up my little fish and had a delicious fish soup out on Lake Inari. It was so serene, peaceful. You’d spot the occasional cross country skiier but it was pretty much just us.

berry tea inside of a traditional Finnish Lavvu


There are 5 million inhabitants in Finland and 2 million saunas. It’s safe to say that to sauna is an authentic part of Finnish culture. Indulge in the tradition with a typical smoke sauna, complete with birch leaf stimulation. My favorite part is the ice plunge afterwards. I know it sounds crazy but you leave feeling invigorated and with your skin beyond taut. After a long day of sledding, fishing, and the safari, this was an incredible experience.

I think no matter what time of year you go to Kakslauttanen, you will fall in love with the Finnish Lapland’s natural beauty. Miles and miles of untouched forest and snow covered “Christmas trees.” I can’t imagine a better place for Santa to call home.

Thanks to Norwegian for sponsoring this once in a lifetime experience.


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    Great post! I spent a few days in Helsinki in 2018 – need to do more exploring of Finland!

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      I also really liked Helsinki but found it jarringly quiet! What did you think?

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