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Far from the Maddening Crowds Episode 1

Overall on ‘N A Perfect World, I’m trying to take you off the beaten path. Sometimes our favorite tried and true destinations, just a different way of looking at them, at other times it’s going left when everyone else is going right and discovering something truly beautiful. Hey, I fell in love with the city of Bratislava because it was way cheaper than going to Prague for the weekend as a lot of people in my study abroad program were doing.

Exploring Northern Italy with Michele, I’ve been eager to share all the spots he’s introducing me to BUT there’s that age old travel journalist dilemma. How many times can you write about a “secret” spot, before it becomes not, so secret. I saw it happen to my beloved Sayulita, Mexico. So, I’m going to toe the line… I’ll show you these places but won’t let you in on exactly where they are, unless you really want to know. The discovery is half the fun!

I’m taking you into the hidden peaks and valleys just beyond your favorite tourist destinations to escape the crowds and have a travel experience all your own. This weekend, escaping the heatwave in Milan & Bergamo, Michele and I hopped on his Vespa and found the perfect private swimming hole somewhere in Lombardia. Want to know where we are? Let me know below and I send you a special directions message from Michele and I!

*I shot this with IGTV in mind, so click here to check it out in it’s original format.

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