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Fall Fashion – My Transition Piece

cardigan, SCAGLIONE | dress, ZAC POSEN | shoes, TOPSHOP

I’m a summer baby — I love sun-kissed skin, ocean dips and the rich scent of jasmine on summer nights. But I must admit, I look forward to the layering of fall. September is one of my favorite times of year (besides being a great time to travel) because I can mix the best of both worlds, layering some of my fall favorites with my lighter summer fabrics. I love the mix of wools, leathers, cashmeres with lace, chiffon and bare skin. Right now, that cozy comfort piece is one that Michele’s factory was in the midst of designing while I snagged it. An unfinished cardigan that I’ve draped and pinned exactly how I like it, using a broach from my grandmother. It’s a work in progress, malleable and cozy, maybe just like me!

A chiffon dress with a cardigan in a similar colorway is a style staple for me, opting for gnarled or chunky sweaters to skew the look more french cool girl and less school marm… but I also embrace the school marm! It’s also an easy and fun combo to travel with. Here are two of my favorite sweater and chiffon dress looks and a little guide of my selects for YOU and how to wear them from Bordeaux to Bergamo to Brooklyn!

Here I am in Bordeaux in this green chiffon Kate Moss for Topshop dress and cardigan (same collection) that I’ve had for at least 7 years!
in Bergamo wearing my fall favorite Scaglione raspberry alpaca knit. It’s so fluffy, it’s like a comfort shield!
bag, COACH

Have a new floral dress that you’re looking to breath new life into? Let me know!


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