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New Video: Escape the Crowds in Rome – Episode 2!

I’ve known / met some aristocrats, some very wealthy people in the upper echelons of society, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a proper Prince or Princess. The “Italy” that we know as a country in 1871, making such an old culture, younger than the US as a country. Given this I’ve found the “royal family” of Italy pretty elusive. Lots and lots of nobles from the different principality and not as easy to grasp the structure as say the royal family of the UK, or Sweden, or even the disposed one of France. So when I received an invitation from the Principessa Maria Pace Odescalchi to spend the afternoon at her castle outside of Rome, I was almost in disbelief.

Rome is incredible. Every moment you’re in the city, you’re steeped in ANCIENT history. It’s a constantly evolving museum, bringing hordes of people from around the world, music like the Roman empire did in the past. But sometimes, you need an escape from those crowds. Here’s my secret get away in my latest video of Far from the [Maddening] Crowds, Episode 2: Escape Rome & Spend an Afternoon Lakeside in Bracciano!

Early next week, I’ll be posting a photo diary of my afternoon there for all of my content monsters if you really want to see how this space pops on camera!

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