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Win a Trip to Verona for Valentine’s Day!

Mine and Michele’s self portrait on a side street in Verona

So I just got an email that Airbnb is giving away a night at Juliet’s Verona house this Valentine’s day! 

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is one of my favorite plays. Give me a few margaritas and I’ll recite the opening lines for you. Actually just ask. I love to flex my Shakespeare. One night outside of a bar on the Lower East Side in NYC, my friend Halley and I shouted “A plague on both [their] houses” in reference to some boy drama…. We were those weird Amherst girls. And I love the Baz Luhrmann film version, with Leonardo DiCapro & Claire Danes just as much as I love the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli film. That’s where this AirBNB in Verona comes in. The winning couple will get a stay in the 13th century building (now a museum) complete with the bed used for the film!

Casa di Guilietta

Verona’s Juliet Club has answered letters to lovesick scribes for decades and to win, you have to write a letter to Juliet saying why you’d be perfect and submit to The winners get the night of Valentine’s stay. A Michelin star meal in Verona, tour of the city and some other fun stuff.

I am in no way partnering with Airbnb but thought this was cool to share with my social friends as I’m covering Verona this week on the blog. I’m so looking forward to seeing who wins!

You only have until February 2! Apply now!


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