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Love in the Time of Corona

with Michele in Lake Garda last spring — vacation spots like this are currently desolate

In the first days of March, I returned from Lombardia, Italy to NYC to speak at Women’s Travel Fest the following weekend. Days later, Italy was recognized internationally as the fastest growing epicenter of Coronavirus / Covid-19 outside of Asia and put in a state of emergency. Initially expecting to return within a few weeks — I didn’t bring my spring clothes to NYC — Michele and I are realizing that I will probably be in NYC for the next two months minimum as New York State and many states across the US declare a “shelter-in-place” edict. I’ve received a flood of well-wishes questioning where I am and how are my loved ones in Italy as Bergamo, a place that my friends previously only knew because of me is reaching international press as the epicenter of Italy’s crisis. Hospitals in Bergamo are overcrowded. There is a line of army trucks to carry the dead as they’ve run out of room at a cemetery I’ve spent many an afternoon in (cemeteries in Europe aren’t as creepy). It’s a pretty bleak time for the region.

Michele and I are thankful for the well-wishes and know a few international couples that find themselves in the same situation as us. We wanted to make a video addressing how we’re handling the crisis, especially as a couple with its home bases in travel red zones. We are thankful for our health and realize that if this is the worst of our problems, we are extremely lucky. Navigating a relationship and love in the time of Coronavirus can be tricky — it’s something that several people have reached out to me about in the last few weeks. We also wanted to give updates from Michele, in Bergamo, Italy’s Covid epidemic epicenter.

Living between New York City and Lombardia, Italy I’m caught in a long distance relationship as my partner and I quarantine in separate countries. Check out my latest video to see how we’re making it work.


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