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Call to Action for the Anti-Racist

It has been a hard few weeks with seeing the onslaught of violence against black bodies on full display that has finally garnered enough of a call to action in America. This in turn lead to a wide scale social movement in the world. Black Lives Matter is not new. It did not start with the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery or Breonna Taylor. In fact, reading about the Ferguson protests and violent police response, there was a moment this week that I became dismayed about what is really going to change. But this time it’s different.

White allies are stepping up to confront systematic racism hoping to make long lasting generational change. When I made this video for my IGTV last week, it was in response to several posts and asks from white allies about what they can do, what they can say without overstepping and how they do the work of being anti-racist. I want to address some next steps and tasks for us all as well as a call to action for an anti-racist white ally. I’ve never been so galvanized to participate in my local government than I have been after going to protests and rallies. The police must be demilitarized. We have to stamp out white supremacy in this country. It’s strange, I can finally see the rumblings of change happening.

I’ve discussed with friends a lot “What’s the ask?”

And most importantly, the ask that we think would implement change? This is the importance of being ANTI-racist vs. not just racist and committed to being A PART OF the systematic change.

Call to Action:

  1. Use your platform or your position for equality and black economic empowerment. This is something that I saw in full force while in South Africa.
  2. Re-examine your elected officials and their objectives. As Trump calls your governor to go after protestors aggressively, for fear of not “looking like a bunch of jerks” make sure your governor hears from the people they are serving.
  3. Side with disruptors publicly in whatever field is your “lane.” It is hard to speak out for fear of loss of job opportunities.
  4. Share black stories. There’s a whole Instagram sticker for it! And brands, be aware of the climate, maybe give your favorite influencer an extension on that post right now.
  5. F the feed. Your concern for black lives should disrupt your grid and call attention to it.

Question your privilege. As people of color, it is our actual black lives at stake here so being anti-racist needs to be your lifestyle.


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