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New Feature in Buzzfeed!

Hi guys! For the end of August I was on the Italian island of Sardinia so I’ve been a little behind with work. I wanted to share with you a new great round up of Black travel bloggers I’ve been featured in on Buzzfeed! I’m listed with some of my favorite fellow travel bloggers.

As I read the comments — yes, I’m a sucker for comments, there was one person that stood out to me that simply didn’t get it. S/he was lambasting Buzzfeed saying it would be “racists if Buzzfeed did an article on white travel bloggers” and it’s a pointless article because “of course all white people know that black people travel.” I try not to get wrapped up in the trolls. But this person showed their ignorance. Unfortunately, whiteness is the default, so before the trend of these listicles, when big publications were doing lists of top travel content creators, more often than not, 1% of them were POC. This person’s seeming anger at @hey_ciara‘s list, exposes their fragility. And as a black traveler, I can tell you “all” white people don’t know that black people travel. And sir / ma’am, I’m more-so doing it for that young black girl / boy who doesn’t feel seen in travel spaces except when being gawked at as a local. I hope to inspire travelers of all races, genders, etc and I thank Buzzfeed for helping me and my fellow black content creators in being seen!

Check it out!

me in Buzzfeed

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