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Tripadvisor Byline: Wedding Planning During Covid

Are you planning a wedding during this Covid pandemic? I have some advice for you via Tripadvisor!

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my friend Katelyn’s wedding in fall 2014, Copyright Renzi-Hawkens Studio

Wedding planning during Covid: it’s been rough! This past weekend I saw one of my first maskless weddings come through on my Instagram stories. The wedding was in New York where we have high vaccination rates and I couldn’t help but to smile. Slowly, we can start looking forward to these things. But it was pretty risky of the bride. Who knew President Biden was going to exceed his vaccination targets within the first 100 days in office. Brides like my dear friend, Kelly King, postponed their weddings more than once another friend Camilla Lesser, after going through several plans, eloped and had a beautiful wedding in St. Lucia. I spoke to these brides and wedding planner Courtney Ajinca, who planned Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill’s wedding for

A bride and her bridesmaids surrounding her
my friend Sophie’s wedding, Summer 2014. Photo by Aaron Purkey

It’s one of the most awful things you can tell a couple in the months or weeks before their big day: “We have to cancel the wedding.” More often than not, weddings are one of those events that reserve a show-must-go-on ethos. A canceled wedding is usually more indicative of a change in relationship status. But then 2020 happened and wedding cancelations skyrocketed due to the pandemic, with 35 percent of couples in 2020 choosing to postpone their weddings to 2021 or later according to a survey. Celebrity wedding planner Courtney Ajinca of Courtney Ajinca Events told us she lost 90 percent of her clients in 2020 and that most of her colleagues lost at least 70% of their clients, if not more.

If you’re one of those people experiencing a wedding cancelation, here are a few things you should know.

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Tripadvisor Article with headline: Wedding Canceled Because of Covid? Here's How to Deal

So, what do you think? Would you feel comfortable going to a wedding this summer?

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