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‘N A Perfect World for Fathom Away We Go! and Bonus New Video!

With eyes wide with excitement, one of the first things people always ask me when I tell them I went to Havana recently, is “How did [I] do it?” I got to share it with a large audience this week on Fathom Away We Go! Check out the article below about how my mother and I set up our own volunteer trip to Havana, Cuba and be sure to check out the video of me breaking it down to Mambu & Company!

‘N’s Nomads: Dual Citizen Founder, Ola Abayomi

I honestly can’t tell you where or how I met our latest ‘Nomad, Ola Abayomi. Every time I see Ola’s bright smile, I think to myself, “I need to hang out with her more.” We cross paths a lot — from random events to working in the same building at one point — my crystal healer would say that Ola is definitely on my frequency map. Recently, I saw Ola’s instagram posts about a trip to Cuba. As Cuba is the number one place I’m dying to go, I knew I had to find out more. When I reached out, I was happy to hear that this renaissance, well-travelled woman was not just an ad exec by day: she had started an accessories line, Dual Citizen! Check it below, we dual citizens* 😉 dish on Cuba, being black while traveling and of course the label, Dual Citizen. ’N: Where are you from? Ola: I was born in Boston but grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. I’m first generation Nigerian-American. ’N: Where do you live now? Ola: I …