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‘N’s Nomads: Maryam Khan

Over the last year I’ve been eyeing my college friend, Maryam Khan’s Facebook newsfeed green with envy (and very excited that I now had a new place to visit someone I knew). Besides going to college with me, Maryam also lived in the apartment across the hall during my brief stint in a closet-sized bedroom in Gramercy. Now her life seemed to be filled with gorgeous vistas, bright smiles and decadent mosques. So, when she announced on Facebook she would be launching a new @capturePakistan instagram account, I decided to catch up with Maryam and see what she was up to. As a side note, I was quite keen to do this piece as I believe it to be one of the fundamental principles of what ’N A Perfect World… is all about. Challenging preconceived notions, breaking the mold, going off of the beaten path.

‘N’s Nomads: Loren Stender

While on my recent trip to Israel, I decided to change my flight and stay in Tel Aviv for a few extra days. During my time in Israel, I was treated to beautiful hotels throughout the country, but there was no place I adored as much as my friend Loren Stender’s stunning apartment that he shares with his sweetheart dog, Oscar. Loren and his girlfriend Meaghan’s attention to detail and eye for interiors is impeccable, with every corner of the apartment telling a story about their past travels, adventures and even family art. Much of the furniture that I loved was actually from Loren’s previous time living in Pakistan. I’m so thrilled to launch ’N’s Nomads with Loren! We had a great chat about his time in Pakistan. Check it out below with a few of Loren’s pics from his time there.