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‘N’s Nomads: International Business Advisor Oscar Mussons

Extremely ambitious, Oscar has managed to walk that seemingly difficult line of navigating a successful career path and being very well travelled. Trained as a lawyer, Oscar currently resides in Vietnam where he works as an international business advisor that’s been featured on industry leading sites like Forbes, several times, and CNBC, discussing Obama in Vietnam.

‘N’s Nomads: #87DaysofVintage with Kyleigh Kühn

You may recognize those piercing eyes from a fashion campaign or magazine but upon first meeting Kyleigh, I can guarantee you’ll walk away feeling one thing: happy. That genuinely happy feeling that makes you think, “Wow, some people are pretty awesome.” Whether it’s a late night dance party where she’s breaking it down Cali-style or an event raising awareness for one of her philanthropic endeavors, Kyleigh is in a perpetual state of paying it forward. Her drive to do good is contagious. In a special edition of ’N’s Nomads, in  honor of Kyleigh’s birthday, I caught up with her about her latest campaign, #87daysofvintage. ’N: Where are you from? Kyleigh: Marin County, California –15 mins North of the Golden Gate.  I also lived in Alaska for 3 years as a tot. ’N: What did you study at Berkley and how does it impact your work now? Kyleigh: I studied Peace and Conflict Studies.  We focused heavily on structure vs agency–identifying what systems and beliefs are held within society and imagining ways you can exercise your …