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Shine Bright! New Year’s Eve Dressing

OK, so now that you’ve figured out where you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve, the next big question is “What to wear?” Let’s avoid the three stages of outfit anxiety the night of shall we?

Stage 1: Furiously texting your friends to see what they’re wearing.IMG_6030-2.jpg

Stage 2: Sorting through anything you think might compete with the New Years ball.IMG_6038-2.jpg

Stage 3: Aww, f it. Let’s have a drink and see what happens.IMG_6043-2.jpg

New Year’s Eve is your night to be luxe and ridiculous. Gold chain mail top? ✔️ Silver silk drop-waist flapper dress with beaded embellishment? ✔️ Gold brocade bandeau top? ✔️ As you might be able to tell, from H&M to Free People to Zac Posen, New York to Sayulita, my New Year’s Eve looks have run the gamut but one thing that they all have in common is that they all have a little bit of sparkle. Now is the time to pull out that coloured fur. Get ridiculous. And if you don’t have enough sparkle in your closet and are a little wary, this is your chance to try them out. Check out my New Year’s Eve selects below. And yea.. those Saint Laurent boots are there too. ;).


one. top, TOPSHOP | two. bag, OKAPI | three. jumpsuit, MILLY | four. top, RALPH LAUREN BLACK LABEL | five. earrings, H&M | six. trousers, NASTY GAL | seven. dress, CHRISTIAN SIRIANO | eight. shoes, ASOS | nine. skirt, WAREHOUSE | ten. tights, TOPSHOP | eleven. boots, SAINT LAURENT | twelve. coat, H&M



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