Year: 2015

‘N A Perfect World for Fathom Away We Go! and Bonus New Video!

With eyes wide with excitement, one of the first things people always ask me when I tell them I went to Havana recently, is “How did [I] do it?” I got to share it with a large audience this week on Fathom Away We Go! Check out the article below about how my mother and I set up our own volunteer trip to Havana, Cuba and be sure to check out the video of me breaking it down to Mambu & Company!

Dispatch from Barceló Bávaro Resort in the Dominican Republic

I’ve spent this past week at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic on a press trip researching for an upcoming story. I must admit, I had initial trepidations about going there; they quickly dissolved as soon as I was greeted by the many smiling and kind Dominican faces at the airport. The DR is a beautiful country, and from my previous experiences in Cabrera, and recent experience in Punta Cana / Bávaro, filled with kind hearted people. However, much like the US, it has a history scarred with systematic racism. Much like the US, it continues today, however, it’s blatantly enforced by the government.

At the Oberson House of Design with Gideon and Karen Oberson

Designer Gideon Obserson is somewhat of a legend in the swimwear world. Designing womenswear for decades since the 70s, his swimsuits were the stuff that Miami Vice era dream girls were made of. While in Tel Aviv this spring, I stopped by the Oberson House of Design on Gordon street and met with the designer, and his daughter Karen.

Cooking Lesson – Jamaican Feast Courtesy of Prospect Plantation

While in Negril and Montego Bay this August I took a cooking lesson at Prospect Plantation in Ochos Rios with Chef Adra Hillock. I can now say I know how to clean callaloo and jerk like a pro. Check out pictures and video from the day below as well as the recipes for you to prepare your own Jamaican feast at home – watch carefully for Chef Hillock’s little secret!