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‘N A Perfect World for Fathom Away We Go! and Bonus New Video!

I love Singapore, in fact, I’m still salivating over my food-cation there (is that a word? If not let’s do it). Singaporeans use the Malay word “shiok” to describe a feeling of unadulterated pleasure in reference to food. Heading to Singapore this week on my blog and it’s only natural that I started with the food. When I first chatted with a few of the editors I write for, pitching Singapore, I must admit, many were quite skeptical. Luckily, Fathom always thinks outside of the box and just gets it. So here it is, for Fathom’s Food Tales:

Layover in Singapore? There’s Always Time for One More Meal

See the article below and check out this quick video I made a small portion of my foodie moments in Singapore.

FathomAway.com - 5.4.16 - Layover in Singapore


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