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Induction into the A Small World Globalist Crew

I’ve been a member of A Small World for almost a decade now. While in college, I was invited to join by a friend from London and immediately found myself in a new and exciting online social network with the likes of Naomi Campbell and other major players. Typical millennial, I was really into it — logging on almost every day — until I wasn’t. Nothing changed, ASW was still as fabulous as ever, I just became occupied with other things. That is until a few years ago, while I was founding ‘N A Perfect World, A Small World and it’s well curated jet-setter trips were making a splash on my radar. Friends like our fellow ‘Nomad, Chelsea Leyland and Sabine Heller (now head of the company) could often be seen cavorting through the Swiss Alps or Marrakech on a A Small World weekend getaway covered by my favorite glossies like Vogue or W. Well curated, this lifestyle club of global citizens embodies many of my ideals with ‘N A Perfect World. So naturally, when my friend Kabir asked to interview me for ASW’s Globalist, featuring their favorite jet-setters, I was beyond honored. One of my favorite Q&A’s check out ASW Meets Nneya Richards. And catch my chatting Drake, what I’m wearing at the mo’ and there’s even a self-portrait *gasp*!


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