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A First: Ziplining in Kaua’i, Hawaii & Video

Every day, I like to do at least one thing that I’ve never done before. Sometimes it’s as simple as listening to a new song, or taking a different bike route to the gym. Other times — like tonight — it’s trying a new recipe, a chicken, mushroom and green bean stir fry. I’m an adrenaline junky, so when that new experience coincides with something that can get my heart racing? Man, that’s awesome.  I had my first zip lining experience this summer on the Hawaiian island of Kauai with Koloa Zipline.

It was a pretty long course over the beautiful old landscape of a now defunct sugar mill filled with fields of wildflowers, lagoons, just another scene of true Hawaiian natural beauty. Was I really nervous of course? But I was definitely calmed by my fellow journalists that had zip lined before under much more haphazard circumstances. By the end, I was going upside down! I’m a quick study ;). Check out the video of my zip!



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