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Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Yellow Carousel Winter Wonderland by Nneya Richards

One of my favorite things about being in London this fall is Halloween, October 31st, is really the day before the start of the holiday season. Once November 1st hits, this beautiful city transforms: lights down Regent and the local high streets, displays in stores, charities ringing bells and collecting for the holidays. All of a sudden you wake up and are in a snow globe!

There is no better place for kitschy festivity in London than Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. On it’s 10th year now, Winter Wonderland is the holidays on acid: rides, carnivals, company holiday parties, food stalls, Christmas markets, a CIRCUS, this huge extravaganza is a must while you’re in London for the holiday season. At least walk through it. I’d even suggest going there on a date because if someone is a grinchy killjoy that can’t muster up a little fun at Winter Wonderland, you shouldn’t be spending the holidays with them in any case. Don’t let your jaded Brit friend dissuade you from going with gripes of crowds and tourists. You’ll also be in great company with Winter Wonderland being a favorite among tourists like Selena and myself or tried and true Brits like Beck. Give yourself permission to be a kid again and gorge on candy floss and spend too much money trying to get a giant stuffed bear that you absolutely don’t need.

Great hats by Nneya Richards

Ice land by Nneya RichardsBavarian Village by Nneya Richards

Pink Carousel by Nneya Richards

Carnival dressing secrets: Wear sneakers and layer, you’ll be there for hours and most of the time on your feet! I kept warm in Rag & Bone leather jeans and Topshop lined camo.

Close up near Carousel by Nneya RichardsFerris Wheel Winter Wonderland by Nneya RichardsMe in Winter Wonderland by Nneya Richards Heather WalkerToblerone Winter Wonderland by Nneya RichardsWinter Wonderland Candy Stand by Nneya RichardsWinter Wonderland Entrance by Nneya Richards
Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Tip: If you have any flexibility in your schedule, definitely go during a week day right after the sun goes down, around 4 pm. That way, you’ll see the bright carnival lights AND avoid the crazy weekend and evening crowds.

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