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Perfect Stay – The Painswick

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sunset from my room, Whitechurch Silk

I’ll tell you in an upcoming post this week how fully decided on the Cotswolds for a quick weekend getaway but what got me to the town of Painswick was The Painswick. A gorgeous sixteen room manor hotel, The Painswick is steep with the history of the surrounding village, first built in the late 18th century at the height of the town’s wool trade — it even has a tie in with Worcestershire sauce! Whether you drive or take the train from London you’re in for a treat: the trip is gorgeously scenic. With the train, the Painswick has complimentary pick ups and drop offs at Stroud station. Each of the 16 rooms in the hotel is absolutely charming and I had the pleasure of staying in Whitechurch Silk with gorgeous views of the sunset on the valley and mist rolling through the hills.

One of those hotels that immediate feels like home.png

The Painswick is one of those hotels that immediately feels like home. You see kids playing hide and seek on the lawns, families playing board games in one of the sitting rooms by the fire before dinner, friendly staff, I could easily see myself coming here every weekend.
Let me walk you through my stay.

We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to have arrived at The Painswick. The sun was shining, perfectly crisp autumn weather and the fall foliage glowed brilliantly.

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I immediately fell in love with the room, the lighting, the views…


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And the treats. Really guys, from these delicious madeleines to yummy cookies (of which I requested extras “for Michele” poor dear never got those) the Painswick is pretty heavenly for a foodie starting with the little snacks to welcome you and whet your appetite. Forget a mint on your pillow. Go for the milk and cookies.

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After exploring the room, I geared up to go exploring the town (more on that in another post), but I must admit it was hard leaving the room.

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After exploring, we definitely worked up an appetite and many places in town were closed for that odd hour between brunch and dinner. So thrilled to be staying at The Painswick where the food is delicious and they have these yummy bites all day and an enviable cheese selection.

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twice baked parmesan souffle, smoked haddock, spinach and a kiss from a rose cocktail, because hey, we’re on a mini-break

But I didn’t stay away too long because I HAD to try out that bathtub.

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After watching that beautiful sunset over the valley that you saw above in our robes, we’re ready for the perfect date night downstairs!

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First stop? The bar. Bartender Tiago Santos served up orgasmic concoctions — at one point he was smoking rosemary to infuse in my drink, I thought it was an air refresher from the hotel… yea The Painswick is that kind of place.

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Whether you’re staying at The Painswick or not, the restaurant is definitely a destination. The new chef Jamie McCallum is amazing. Updating classic British comfort food it’s easy to see why visitors and locals alike flock to the restaurant. Here’s a glimpse at my mouthwatering meal.

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hand-dived Orkney scallops, caramelized cauliflower, truffle lardo

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ox cheek ravioli, autumn squash, roast onions

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roast bass, herb gnocchi, chestnut, Jerusalem artichoke, chicken vinaigrette

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berry sorbet, madeleines, chocolates

I met a lovely couple who shared some of their apple tartine with me!

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apple tartine

I don’t sleep in a bed without trying it out first.


Good night!


At dawn and at dusk seeing the mist rolling over the hills in the Cotswolds is absolutely magical.

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Up bright and early to indulge in a quintessentially British pastime, a brisk walk through the countryside. But first, breakfast in bed! Eggs benedict is my favorite, with fresh squeeze orange juice and English Breakfast tea, I can’t think of a more perfect way to wake up.

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The Painswick’s mudroom has wellies raincoats and even maps! Everything you need.


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If you want to see more details of my stay at The Painswick check out my InstaStory @Nneya on Tuesday 12/12/17!

If you’re deciding when to book here’s a heads up that singer / songwriter Andy Quick will be singing at The Painswick Thursday Dec 21st, 2017 from 8pm – 10pm FREE ADMISSION! Between that and their Hygge Hibernation Package from now until the end of February 2018, I really can’t think of a reason NOT to book.

Until next time, The Painswick!


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