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Interview with Detroit Fashion News

I love the power of Instagram. I think it helps me with my ultimate goals of inspiring young people of color to get out there see the world and take opportunities that they might otherwise shut themselves out of. As I mentioned earlier this week in my study abroad post, I get countless DMs connecting with people and I get to dish out advice, words of wisdom and learn from you!
One of the people that reached out to me was the brilliant lawyer and fashion blogger Kelechi Uchendu (@kaykaysway92). She interviewed me for Detroit Fashion News where I dolled out advice for making it in the fashion industry, what inspires me and talked about what I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming months / years. I recently revisited the article and couldn’t believe I didn’t share it with you guys on NAPW. It was on my instastory (sorry, sometimes my brain is fried with so many channels!). I want to thank Kelechi again for giving me this platform and check out the article guys!

DetroitFashionNews - 9.11.17 - Nneya Richards is #Goals Preview clip for NAPW


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