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Viva la Mexico! Loving on Sayulita for Vice’s Amuse

It is no secret how much I love Sayulita, Mexico. In fact, my first official travel writing assignment was about Sayulita, Mexico for Stylecaster. My friend Leah was an editor there and she had heard me go on and on about this magical place I fell into. I wrote one story about Sayulita and the rest was history. Maybe if there was no Sayulita, there would be no ‘N A Perfect World?! Who knows! Before this piece for Amuse, my most recent piece was for HRH to be, Meghan Markle’s no defunct site, the Tig. And I’ve barely written a proper guide for ‘N A Perfect World on Sayulita. That’s the thing about this amazing place. There really is something for everyone and no shortage of magic in this town. Trust me, I haven’t even scratched the surface in my Sayulita secrets. But here are a few more up now on AmuseAmuse Nneya Richards Sayulita

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